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Research and Education Network in Portugal and implementing this essential service where we worked closely with our local partner , Axians Portugal , to achieve this success .”
Gil Bento , Business Development Manager for Nokia optical add / drop multiplexers ( ROADMs ) to enable simple and remote reconfiguration of lightpaths and increases network capacity by a factor of 10 using 100G / 200G wavelengths .
“ Hundreds of thousands of students rely on our network every day ,” said Ana Pinto , FCCN Director . “ The 10x capacity boost that this announcement brings us provides the essential bandwidth necessary for ever-increasing data transmission . The success of RCTS100 Project is fundamental for all the R & E community and we value the contribution of trusted technological partners like Nokia to fulfil the extremely demanding requirements of our community .”
“ Few industries have been transformed by connectivity as much as education ,” said Luis Bueno , Nokia Head of Enterprise Sales , Spain & Portugal , Nokia . “ We ’ re proud to announce Nokia ’ s first deal with a National
Intelligent CIO was interested to hear more about this innovative project so caught up with Gil Bento , Business Development Manager for Nokia , and Alberto Bellato , Senior Technical Product Manager for Nokia , to find out more .
What were the driving factors behind the project and what did you aim to achieve ?
Driving factors behind the project were to modernise the FCCN Backbone Network providing enhanced capacity and scalability for future growth . FCCN ’ s previous network was based on legacy technology with limited bandwidth and scalability .
The new network provides a boost in the bandwidth from 10GE to 100GE services and is already prepared to support new 400GE services and 1Tbps in the future . In addition , latency on the new network is reduced by 20 % using coherent technology .
Can you tell us more about how the network enables FCCN to offer its students an improved service ?
The new network enables FCCN to provide up to 100Gbps of bandwidth connectivity compared to a
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