Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 63 | Page 57

FEATURE : NETWORKS limited bandwidth of 10Gbps in the past . The boost in bandwidth enables FCCN to offer the universities and research centres improved connectivity .
How scalable is the network and how reliable is the infrastructure ?
The network is highly scalable allowing a total capacity of 20Tbps in each fibre link with the capability to transport up to 600Gbps per lambda with the Nokia PSE-5 latest chipset and even 1Tbps per lambda in the near future . The new network is also highly reliable according to telco industry standards , providing 99,999 % reliability with a fully redundant architecture to prevent services impact against a HW failure or fibre cut .
Alberto Bellato , Senior Technical Product Manager for Nokia
Do you have plans to rollout a similar project in any other countries across Europe , or have you completed anything of this nature previously ?
We have rolled-out similar networks for NREN in other countries in Europe ( e . g . Austria , Norway , Hungary , Greece ). As public reference there is Sikt ( Norway , fka Uninett – Nokia to power Norway ’ s
Uninett national research network expansion | Nokia ). The Nokia solution is based on a highcapacity optical network for the expansion of the fibre infrastructure in northern Norway , aiding Sikt to provide advanced connectivity infrastructure
for Norwegian research and education . Nokia optical transport solutions will enable advanced , multidisciplined research , including geophysical sensing and sustainable resource exploration . p
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