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Nokia and FCCN connect Portugal ’ s leading universities

Nokia and FCCN have connected Portugal ’ s leading universities with a 100Gb / sec long-haul optical transport network . The network connects tertiary education facilities and research centres in 26 cities and capacity has increased tenfold from the incumbent network . Gil Bento , Business Development Manager for Nokia , and Alberto Bellato , Senior Technical Product Manager for Nokia , tell us more .

Nokia has announced it is building a nationwide optical transport network spanning 3,000km for FCCN , in Portugal , connecting universities and research centres in 26 cities . The network uses wavelength division multiplexing ( DWDM ) to increase speeds by a factor of 10 over FCCN ’ s legacy OADM Node network . research system . 600,000 students , researchers and staff can rely on its national education network every day . The agreement includes Nokia ’ s 1830 Photonic Service Interconnect optical transport and switching solutions , management systems for the dense wavelength division multiplexing ( DWDM ) network and design , implementation and maintenance services .

FCCN – Technology for Knowledge is the Scientific Computing Unit of the FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology , which aims to contribute to the development of Science , Technology and Knowledge in Portugal , provides high-speed Internet connectivity and IT services to the Portuguese higher education and
Nokia submitted the winning bid in an international tender to build a new RCTS optical network as part of the 17 million RCTS100 Project , 13 of which came from the European Regional Development Fund ( ERDF ). The new DWDM network replaces FCCN ’ s legacy OADM network with Colorless-Flexgrid ( C-F ) reconfigurable
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