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FINAL WORD and messages . But the platform has now expanded to incorporate levels of job satisfaction and other dimensions of work culture . Monthly reports with trends and workforce profiles were also added in 2022 .
“ Our AI team in particular is a mix of engineers and psychologists based in Europe , led by Ricardo Michel Reyes and Alexandre Denis . My co-founder , Rick , is only 28 years old but is a brilliant AI developer . Alexandre also has a wealth of experience , with over 50 papers on NLP applied to understanding human behaviour ,” said Agenjo . “ Our AI team gives us a lot of confidence in the technology and their skill sets .”
Harnessing real-time , organic data to understand dynamic teams
HR leaders and employees are realising the advantages of using real-time data , instead of relying on survey data that represents a snapshot in time . Real-time data can help us understand how a team functions and how it could work more effectively . Real-time data on employee collaboration can help us understand how a team communicates , who participates in discussions and who is left out . It can also reveal how often employees interact with one another and whether certain groups are operating in silos .
But organic , real-time communications data has not been used to mine for employee sentiment , at least not until Erudit moved to the go-to-market phase in early 2022 . With the shift to remote and hybrid work setups and with corporate communications moving to the digital world , it ’ s only a matter of time before solutions that can mine this data for actionable insights become the norm .
“ We see the engagement levels of each team change every day . How can an annual survey truly capture this metric ? Not to mention , the biased answers that may arise and the less-than-ideal survey participation rates ,” said Agenjo . “ We could have spent millions filming a new movie , but instead we decided to liberate organisations from internal engagement surveys forever .”
The importance of listening and of anonymity
With voluntary turnover costing US companies 1 trillion dollars a year and with the recent turnover tsunami ,
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