Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 61 | Page 89

When it comes to sentiment analysis , AI is being used to automate the survey process , aggregate results and help with the analysis . For example , AI can identify key factors that impact employee engagement and retention , and forecast talent supply and demand . Still , the quantitative data source when it comes to the sentiment and well-being of employees remains survey data . Erudit goes a step further and uses organic , realtime communications data as its data source and has AI technology at the core of the solution .
“ Erudit ’ s AI sifts through textual communications data to serve you actionable people metrics , analytics and insights . For example , you ’ ll get each team ’ s daily engagement levels and burnout risk . Every month , you ’ ll get a report that helps you understand the needs of every department and how they are doing . Plus , you get to dig into the reasons why ,” Agenjo explained . instead of survey data . So managers never see messages or names , they only see the insights that will help them improve their management style and better support their team members ,” he added .
An AI trained by psychologists
The AI was initially trained by psychologists , data scientists and Machine Learning engineers to anonymously detect and measure levels of engagement , burnout risk and turnover risk from text
Real-time data can help us understand how a team functions and how it could work more effectively .
“ All the people analytics are anonymised by the AI so you can make unbiased decisions based on organic ,
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