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CASE STUDY possible to allow for continued growth and client and customer satisfaction .
The investment into emerging low code technology , such as Toca , is allowing us to drive innovation within our industry , creating more opportunity to achieve our goals effectively and lead the way in a progressive claims management process .
How has working with Toca enabled you to deliver an innovative and revolutionary claims management process ?
Working with Toca has , and will , enable us to enhance our claims management process and to build new , connecting processes which make the claim journey , from start to finish , more seamless , quicker and enhanced for our clients , staff and business partners alike . The partnership allows us to deliver our solution in a way that transforms the claims management process for all involved , helping us achieve and maintain an industry-leading standard .
The breadth and flexibility of what the Toca platform can offer , coupled within the speed of development , will enable us to deliver these processes at a pace in line with business growth .
The partnership supports major progression for Winn Group . The emerging low code , no code technology that ’ s available enables us to drive innovation within our industry , allowing us to achieve our goals effectively and shape new standards . These improvements to our service offering , which have had a remarkable impact on many areas of our operation and for many stakeholders , is a direct attribute to the innovative and technological advancements offered by Toca .
How will this extended relationship with Toca mean you can build on your low code automation and AI journey ?
Trust . This is a key component around any extended relationship to build on our low code automation and AI journey .
During the first 12 months of our relationship , it has been clear to see the potential the Toca application can have in numerous areas of our business . The extended relationship provides certainty , it weds us for a longer period as Toca becomes an extension of our Internal Development Team .
It will develop an understanding of our business , where the low code automation and AI journey will have benefit and , equally as important , where it would not have benefit , to ensure it is not transformation for transformation ’ s sake .
How did you ensure you maintained an excellent client experience while working with Toca ?
The two go hand-in-hand . The ability of the Toca product allows us to enhance our excellent client experience without threat . Client experience is twofold ; one it is the outward facing external offerings that you can provide to a client from the moment you are chosen to act on their behalf , the second element is the internal applications which make our colleagues ’ jobs easier .
The very benefit of Toca is not to have any degradation of client experience , it is to enhance that experience and ensure this is upkept – at all times . The forwardthinking solution and seamless integration mean it is easy to ensure we provide excellent client experience levels that remain consistently high , even throughout change and implementation periods .
What does the future hold for Winn Group in terms of its digital capabilities since the extension to your agreement with Toca ?
It has opened up the possibility for further digital capability enhancements , at a greater pace than previously . Toca continues to work on its product to make the building of applications quicker to enable us to adapt to any change in business needs . We plan to utilise the document reading capabilities within the product to further reduce handling time .
We are looking to extend the use of Toca into the Wills Probate and Trust area – building new and innovative platforms to assist clients in navigating complex processes , which are often found in this area of law .
Toca shares our vision in terms of how far-reaching we wish to go to ensure that we remain the leading accident claims management specialists . p



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