Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 65 | Page 51

COUNTRY FOCUS : ITALY arts with smart cities

and public administrations , which is supporting the projects of many municipalities through the TIM Urban Genius solution , on the model already successfully implemented in various municipalities , including Assisi and Cairo Montenotte , starting with Venice .
“ There is a lot of confusion about smart cities , the term is often used as a catch-all and thus risks detracting from the choices of mayors and administrators who play a fundamental role in the innovation of the areas they govern ,” said Schiavo . “ We are giving cities a tangible thing ; a platform for collecting and processing data useful for expanding the economy , governance and sustainability of cities ; that ’ s what a Smart City is . With TIM Urban Genius we have created the first urban intelligence platform allowing Italian administrations to make the areas they govern smart , since it is the
According to estimates , by 2027 investments in ICT solutions for smart cities will grow to around € 1.6 billion .
primary source for collecting useful information for the lives of the public .”
At the end of last year , the European Investment Bank ( EIB ) showed its support for the development of smart cities in the country by announcing a € 200 million framework loan to support the municipality of Florence ’ s 2022 – 2027 investment plan . It said that the
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