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Italy ’ s Digital Transformation is well underway as it strives to make its cities smarter . Telecommunications provider , TIM , which is based in the country , is contributing to this development . Supporting its plans is the European Investment Bank as it helps to advance urban regeneration , the redevelopment and energy efficiency of public buildings and the advancement of sustainable mobility in Florence .

Italy ’ s route to innovation st

The Colosseum , Rome , Italy

Smart cities lie at the heart of Italy ’ s digitisation process . The first Italy of smart and sustainable cities report , drawn up by the TIM Research Centre with the ‘ Smart City ’ and ‘ Startup Intelligence ’ Observatories of Politecnico di Milano and the CNR Department of Engineering , ICT and Technology for Energy and Transport , was recently presented in Rome .

Pietro Labriola , Chief Executive Officer , together with Elio Schiavo , TIM ’ s Chief Enterprise and Innovative Solutions Officer , presented the development prospects for Smart Cities in Italy and the digital services that the group provides to the Public Administration and local authorities .
It emerges that in Italy an increasing number of municipalities have started to plan smart cities and , according to estimates , by 2027 investments in ICT solutions for smart cities will grow to around € 1.6 billion , while globally total spending on smart cities will reach a value of over US $ 1 trillion .
The reason for this is clear . Between 2023 – 2027 , Smart City applications based on 5G , IoT and Artificial Intelligence in Italy will help to reduce city traffic costs by a total of approximately € 6.5 billion and those linked to urban pollution by over € 400 million through improved planning of the public and private transport system and tourist flows . The new technologies will also allow an annual reduction in CO 2 emissions of about 650,000 tonnes , guide the tourism industry and optimise services for the public . The study analyses different use cases also implemented by TIM Enterprise , the TIM Group ’ s business unit dedicated to companies
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