Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 63 - Page 43

FEATURE : DATA MANAGEMENT trackers , it is imperative that businesses place an emphasis on making their customers feel safe online .
“ Companies must start with transparent , ethical data policies rather than violating the trust of consumers , considering how they can protect this asset at every stage . The Cisco research highlighted that 76 % of people would not buy from a company who they don ’ t trust with their data . It must become clear to everyone that data protection is more than just a feature ; it is non-negotiable and the basis of a trusting customer relationship , which is at the foundation of business success .”
The Council of Europe has called for a number of safeguards to be introduced to protect people ’ s data , including :
• The development of AI systems be regulated by robust legislation .
• Digitalisation , the use of AI or the use of other surveillance technologies must be accompanied and preceded by a broad democratic and public debate .
• Education and awareness of digital technology and the use of information and communication technologies for all segments of the population
Andy Teichholz , Global Industry Strategist , Compliance & Legal , OpenText
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