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FEATURE : CLOUD MANAGEMENT successive bank holiday weekends to mitigate against any disruption , although , in practice the process proved trouble free .
“ It all went remarkably smoothly ,” said Cosson . “ There was no loss of service and no complaints which has to be a first for a project like this which could so easily have gone off the rails and caused real headaches for the business . It ’ s hats off to Nutanix and its partners for making it so seamless and we ’ re very pleased with the results and the high level of support both during and after the process .”
Performance gains have been widely reported and running costs significantly lowered which , according to Cosson has made the CFO very happy . He has also been able to halve the number of staff needed to support the new infrastructure with those displaced moved into other roles to find ways of better exploiting the new technology .
Next steps
Looking ahead , Cosson is keen to take full advantage of the company ’ s new private cloud to further drive down operational costs and maximise the value of the company ’ s investment . Alongside ongoing work to identify workloads suitable for moving to the Nutanix AHV hypervisor several projects are planned , including the migration of legacy IBM systems over the next few months .
“ We ’ re still running a lot of older IBM kit and will be virtualising applications hosted on these systems to run on AHV in Q1 2023 ,” he explained . “ We ’ re also bringing a cloud-based customer portal inhouse as well as looking at other ways of leveraging our private cloud as part of our ongoing Digital Transformation programme .” p
Jon Cosson , Head of IT and CISO at JM Finn
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