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HATS OFF TO NUTANIX AND ITS PARTNERS FOR MAKING IT SO SEAMLESS AND WE ’ RE VERY PLEASED WITH THE RESULTS AND THE HIGH LEVEL OF SUPPORT BOTH DURING AND AFTER THE PROCESS . knew just what the Nutanix Cloud Platform was capable of doing and how easy it was to manage . Added to which it offered us hypervisor neutrality which meant we had the option to simply migrate most of our existing VMware VMs rather than immediately switch everything over to the AHV hypervisor .

“ Over just two weekends we relocated both our primary and secondary data centres , but that ’ s not all ,” said Jon . “ By migrating all of our legacy servers and applications to the Nutanix Cloud Platform we were able to reduce the overall rack footprint by 75 % and realise tangible benefits in terms of operational costs and environmental impact .”
Customer outcome the added benefit of greater certainty when it came to operational costs and our carbon footprint .”
Choosing a suitable platform was relatively straightforward as Cosson and his team had previously used the Nutanix Cloud Platform to first replace a key legacy storage resource then rapidly host a companywide EUC application to support working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic .
“ Having successfully switched a workforce of over 300 onto remote working in under a week we
Following an extensive needs analysis , Cosson and the team came up with a design which has enabled JM Finn to slim down its data centre infrastructure from 24 to just six equipment racks . An impressive 75 % reduction with major implications for both power and cooling requirements as well as the company ’ s longterm carbon footprint .
The required equipment was quickly ordered and installed first in a brand-new primary data centre in Bury St Edmunds and then at a secondary site in Winchester to provide additional backup and Disaster Recovery capabilities . Once working , migration was scheduled to take place over
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