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Deutsche Bank extends partnership with Kyndryl to support the bank ’ s ongoing transformation

modernisation strategy and drive efficiency in day-to-day operations .
Kyndryl will also pilot hybrid networking solutions in Deutsche Bank ’ s data centres , further enabling integration of workflows and tooling . Deutsche Bank will be able to improve data integration across its onpremises IT environment as it prepares for its longer-term cloud journey .

Deutsche Bank , and Kyndryl , one of the world ’ s largest IT infrastructure services providers , has announced a new agreement under which the bank will extend one of the largest and longest-running vendor contracts in the financial industry .

Kyndryl will continue to run Deutsche Bank ’ s Continental European core banking and mission-critical IT infrastructures to support the bank ’ s technology transformation , to increase flexibility with on-demand scalability and global service availability . Furthermore , Kyndryl will support the bank ’ s cloud migration strategy as part of its broader effort to adopt public cloud services .
Under the agreement , Kyndryl will support the enhancement of Deutsche Bank ’ s mission-critical banking infrastructure by integrating automation and security technologies that are a part of the bank ’ s
The new agreement with Kyndryl will also support Deutsche Bank ’ s broader strategy to harness the power of cloud computing . Kyndryl has the flexibility to tap into a broad set of technologies and skills , including its own global strategic partnership with Google Cloud , in support of Deutsche Bank ’ s specific transformation goals . Additionally , Kyndryl ’ s nearly decadeslong knowledge of Deutsche Bank ’ s systems will play a part in helping to migrate some of its critical business operations to the cloud .

Nokia to lead the next phase of Europe ’ s 6G flagship project

Nokia has announced that it will lead the Hexa-X-II project , the second phase of the European 6G flagship initiative .

This new phase will expand the Hexa-X partner list to 44 organisations that are tasked with creating the pre-standardised platform and system view that will form the basis for many inputs into future 6G standardisation .
The Hexa-X-II project has been awarded funding from the European Commission as part of the first call of the Smart Network and Services Joint Undertaking ( SNS-JU ). This is the next significant step towards bringing together key industry stakeholders in Europe . The goal of both Hexa-X and Hexa-X-II is to establish Europe as the leader in 6G .
Hexa-X-II represents the full value chain for future connectivity solutions . Its members range from network vendors and communication service providers to verticals and technology providers , as well as the most prominent European communications research institutes .
“ Nokia is honoured to lead in this pioneering project ,” said Peter Vetter , President of Nokia ’ s Bell Labs Core Research . “ In the 6G era , the digital , physical and human worlds will become far more integrated . Our goals must reflect this level of integration and inter-dependency .
“ As billions more people and devices get connected , urbanisation intensifies and we strive to manage the limitations on energy and materials , the role of networks and 6G will only deepen . It is essential that we keep the larger context in mind as we imagine the new network .”
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