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FINAL WORD highest regard at INFINOX . Furthermore , having excellent intelligence that shows us how people are interacting with our systems has played a vital role in understanding what ’ s happening around us . With this insight , it gives us the best chance of anticipating customer needs and pre-empting the full range of security incidents . This activity takes a number of different forms from monitoring local legislation to being aware of cybersecurity incidents on a global scale . Furthermore , it allows us to aggregate internal and external data for a holistic view of our operating environment .
Can you tell us about your partnership with Cloudflare – how is working with this technology provider offering an increased level of visibility over your network ?
We looked at different options with Cloudflare to achieve this ethos , such as focusing on a content delivery network ( CDN ), load balancing , network layer 7 , firewalls and security , and it was able to tick all the boxes based on our requirements and naturally fitted our strategic objectives .
How do you monitor the cross-regional needs of your customers while conforming to the highest standards of data privacy and security ?
Outside of our internal SEO analytics and business intelligence platforms , we use the native Cloudflare Web and Account Analytics dashboards which provide a comprehensive insight on customer browser preferences , devices , zones , peak time and overall performance of our sites and products . Both are features of the Cloudflare package that we have found indispensable when it comes to understanding the customer experience which we place with the
From our first dialogue through to discovery and proof of concept , working together with Cloudflare has been a standout partnership for INFINOX . It has supported us from the very beginning where it walked us through our extensive proof of concept and covered any questions or concerns we had throughout the process . As a globally recognised trading provider covering many geographies , we are often faced with regional nuances of implementation . However , this was not a problem for Cloudflare as we had the support of integration specialists , product managers and solution architects along our journey . With our partnership now established , Cloudflare is able to summon its full portfolio of resources at our disposal so we are confident we have a trusted partner who we can rely on and also take us forward with future implementation strategies .
Can you offer some insight into the OSI model ? What is layer 7 of the Internet and how does it interact with other OSI layers ?
At the highest level , the OSI model provides a reference model for how data moves from a software application in one computer to another . The model
One of the standout reasons INFINOX chose to partner with Cloudflare was its advanced Distributed Denial of Service ( DDoS ) protection for OSI layers .
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