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Green construction required to support upcoming Nordic boom the sector has made the region an attractive location for hyperscale and colocation facilities , with the Nordic market predicted to almost double in size , from US $ 5.24 billion in 2021 to US $ 10.21 billion in 2027 .

Forecasted growth in the Nordic data centre market will need to be supported by green construction methods to ensure sustainable development for the sector , warns an industry specialist .

A recent report from Arizton Advisory and Intelligence has projected significant growth for the Nordic region over the coming decade . Ample availability of renewable energy sources and government support for
“ The Nordic region has championed sustainable operation in the data centres sector for many years , which is a primary reason that it remains a key location for investment ,” said Greger Ruud , Sector Development Manager – Data Centres at Aggreko , “ However , it ’ s critical that greener practice extends to construction as well as day-to-day operation , especially when the effects of embodied emissions are considered . While the Nordics are already closing in on achieving net zero construction , managing such unprecedented levels of growth will likely prove to be the region ’ s greatest challenge to date so it ’ s vital that comprehensive support is provided during this period to maintain this .”

Lloyds Banking Group works with ServiceNow ’ s NextGen to find top talent

ServiceNow , a leading digital workflow company that makes the world work better for everyone , has announced that it is working with Lloyds Banking Group as part of its NextGen Professionals Programme . Three participants who have recently completed the programme have accepted job offers from Lloyds Banking Group .

The participants come through to the programme via a number of partner initiatives . One is the Skills Bootcamp , running in partnership with The Department for Education and New College of Humanities , a member of Northeastern University ’ s Global Network .
NextGen has been designed to focus on assisting candidates that have been traditionally marginalised by the technology industry . By its end , candidates are certified with a suite of new digital skills that can help them land a new role in the digital economy .
NextGen addresses the talent shortages currently faced by companies and helps participants carve a path towards longterm employment from communities that are typically excluded from the workforce . Supported by customers and partner companies like Lloyds Banking Group , the initiative generates employment opportunities for the digital workforce of today and tomorrow . Another partner includes the Refugee Council , an organisation working with refugees and asylum seekers to provide support and advice and help refugees navigate the barriers of entering the UK labour market .
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