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ABN AMRO Bank signs to extend partnership on the Temenos Banking Cloud

global international payment on Temenos open platform . This latest commitment to the Temenos Banking Cloud demonstrates ABN AMRO Bank ’ s confidence in the platform ’ s maturity and composable banking services to increase agility and pace of innovation .
Since adopting Temenos Continuous Deployment in 2019 , ABN AMRO Bank has reduced time to configure , test and deploy software change from weeks to days , enabling the bank to move towards a ‘ code in the morning , deploy in the afternoon ’ approach .

Dutch banking giant , ABN AMRO Bank , has signed a multi-year subscription extension with Temenos to support customer growth and business expansion on the Temenos Banking Cloud . The extended agreement includes access to Temenos

Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service for the bank ’ s 22 DevOps teams .
ABN AMRO Bank is a long-standing customer of Temenos , running its international corporate banking , private banking and
The capability to introduce new features and functions for an increasingly demanding customer base is a competitive advantage for ABN AMRO Bank . The bank estimates Temenos Continuous Deployment increases the efficiency of its early-stage testing by 30 %, daily test pipelines from one to 15 , and will accelerate test cycles by a factor of 10 – leading to more frequent and effective innovation .

WithSecure co-founds CYBERSPACE project to counter cybercrime in Europe

WithSecure , formerly known as F- Secure Business , and 10 other European organisations have co-founded the CYBERSPACE project . The project is a three-year initiative funded by the European Commission to support European law enforcement agencies and improve their capacity to investigate and counter cybercrime .

The project begins at a time when cybercrime is becoming an increasingly pressing concern in Europe . Europe experienced more security incidents in 2021 than the year before , according to the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity ( ENISA ), with particularly significant threats that have a direct impact on networks , systems and people within the EU experiencing a constant increase .
The trend is a notable challenge for Europe : The EU ’ s Cybersecurity Strategy for the Digital Decade outlines a number of ways that cyberthreats can undermine the EU ’ s economy , democracy and society , such as discouraging people from using digital services or compromising critical infrastructure .
“ Europe ’ s investing heavily in digitalisation , and policy makers recognise security ’ s important role in ensuring these investments pay off ,” said Dr Holger Nitsch , Project Coordinator and Head of Research and
Social Science for the Bavarian Police Academy . “ But information , resources and expertise to counter cyberthreats are spread thin and difficult to mobilise when needed . Different organisations in different countries often have different pieces of the same puzzle , which makes it difficult for any single entity to see the big picture when investigating security incidents and criminal activities that span multiple countries .”
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