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Lincolnshire Community Health chooses Civica software to ease care pressures

Improved data will help with sounder decision-making around patients remaining at home or moving into residential care , helping prevent bed blocking in NHS settings and improving patient flow . It will also help LCHS to show how responsive its services are , for example , reaching patients within two hours and making reporting easier with an improved joined-up platform linking all services .

Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust ( LCHS ) has partnered with GovTech leader , Civica , to help its community-based services run more smoothly during the winter .

The Trust cares for thousands of patients to deliver joined-up care in community settings . LCHS has now implemented Civica Scheduling cloud software to increase clinical time and improve efficiencies for 150 staff across its Urgent Community
Response , Home Visiting and Discharge to Assess teams .
Replacing manual processes , the digital platform automatically matches clinical care with patient needs , enabling clinicians to see their schedules via an app , manage their time better and spend more time with patients . Through intelligent scheduling , caseloads will be automated based on specific rules such as clinical skill , patient need , location and visit duration .
The new platform will also help the Trust meet its environmental goals with more efficient route planning and reduced mileage for staff .
Liana Arnold , Deputy Divisional Lead for Integrated Urgent and Emergency Care at Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust , said : “ Civica ’ s intelligent scheduling platform will help with providing the best out-of-hospital care we possibly can and avoiding admissions into acute hospitals as the NHS faces unprecedented pressure this winter .”

Lenovo establishes innovation centre with Ben- Gurion University of the Negev

Lenovo has established the Lenovo

Cybersecurity Innovation Centre ( LCIC ) in cooperation with the Cyber Security Research Center of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev , a leading Israel-based cybersecurity research institution . The centre will focus on Zero Trust architecture innovation in hardware and below-OS security and serve as a hub for developing next-generation security solutions . The LCIC offers Lenovo customers an attestation lab and access to industry insights and information exchange through an on-site briefing centre .
The variety and severity of cyberthreats are increasing as criminal hackers employ more sophisticated tools to an ever-growing threat surface of computing solutions run by businesses , governments and consumers .
According to Lenovo ’ s global Data For Humanity report in November 2022 , IT security is the top consideration when deciding to invest in Digital Transformation solutions across small , medium and large businesses . Monitoring and assessing threats combined with research and reporting by LCIC cybersecurity professionals will empower more strategic and effective responses .
Israel is internationally recognised for being a centre of the cybersecurity industry and Be ’ er Sheva is home to cybersecurity R & D centres for several global technology companies . The LCIC will be staffed and managed in coordination by cybersecurity experts from Lenovo and Ben-Gurion University .
“ Cybersecurity is one of the top priorities of CIOs today ,” said Nima Nadav Baiati , Executive Director and GM , Commercial Cybersecurity Solutions , Lenovo . “ Lenovo opening the new security innovation centre with Ben-Gurion University gives us access to a global nexus of security innovation , our customers ’ access to world-leading experts and will help us create even stronger products across our portfolio .”
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