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Aston University creates one of the world ’ s first computational reconstructions of a virus in its biological entirety

Engineering and Physical Sciences at Aston University , is published in the journal Faraday Discussions .
The research was conducted using existing data of virus structures measured via cryo-Electron Microscopy ( cryo-EM ) and computational modelling which took almost three years despite using supercomputers in the UK and Japan .

An Aston University researcher has created one of the first-ever computer reconstructions of a virus , including its complete native genome .

Although other researchers have created similar reconstructions , this is the first to replicate the exact chemical and 3D structure of a ‘ live ’ virus .
The breakthrough could lead the way to research into an alternative to antibiotics , reducing the threat of anti-bacterial resistance .
The breakthrough will open the way for biologists to investigate biological processes which can ’ t currently be fully examined because the genome is missing in the virus model .
This includes finding out how a bacteriophage , which is a type of virus that infects bacteria , kills a specific disease-causing bacterium .
At the moment it is not known how this happens , but this new method of creating more accurate models will open up further research into using bacteriophage to kill specific life-threatening bacteria .
The research , Reconstruction and validation of entire virus model with complete genome from mixed resolution cryo-EM density , by Dr Dmitry Nerukh , from the Department of Mathematics in the College of
This could lead to more targeted treatment of illnesses which are currently treated by antibiotics and therefore help to tackle the increasing threat to humans of antibiotic resistance .

Digital Realty invests in photovoltaics through power purchase agreement with ENGIE

Digital Realty , one of the largest global providers of cloud-and-carrier-neutral data centre , colocation and interconnection

solutions , and the global energy company , ENGIE , have announced an agreement that will drive the expansion of renewable energies in Germany .
Digital Realty and ENGIE have signed a 10-year power purchase agreement ( PPA ) for a 116MW share of a new 154MW ground-mounted solar photovoltaic project . Digital Realty ’ s offtake commitment , estimated at 120GWh per year , supports the construction of the new solar park to be built by CEE Group , an infrastructure fund specialising in renewable energy projects . Located in Brandenburg in the north-east of Germany , the solar park is scheduled to start operation in late 2023 .
“ The climate challenge is one of the critical issues facing society today ,” said Volker
Ludwig , Managing Director of Digital Realty , Germany . “ As an industry leader , Digital Realty focuses on supporting the evolving needs of our global customer base , helping them deliver growth while supporting net-new renewable energy projects where we operate .”
Digital Realty has achieved 100 % renewable energy coverage for its entire European portfolio and its US colocation portfolio and is carbon neutral in France ( Scopes 1 and 2 ), resulting in 64 % renewable energy coverage across its global portfolio in 2021 , representing an increase of 14 % from 2020 .
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