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Dirk Schrader , Field CISO ( EMEA ) and VP of Security Research at Netwrix
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Dirk Schrader , Field CISO ( EMEA ) and VP of Security Research at Netwrix

wWhat would you describe as your most memorable achievement ?

Ensuring that about 2 million patient records were secured from being freely accessible is , in my view , the most memorable one . Back in 2019 , while researching about unprotected medical devices connected to the public Internet , I had discovered several hundreds of archives for medical imagery leaking patient data , including full CT scans or X-rays series . I worked with several CERTs and major IT publications across the world to get a majority of these off the net . Unfortunately , this is a never-ending task , as the last update on the numbers shows that hundreds of new medical devices have been connected to the Internet without appropriate protection .
What first made you think of a career in technology ?
The very first person to spark my interest in tech was my dad , an electrical engineer , who always asked me to help him with wiring stuff or doing some maintenance on machinery we had on our farm . Later it was all about how a computer works and what I could do with it ; sometimes with the notion ‘ better not do that ’.
What style of management philosophy do you employ with your current position ?
There is that old saying : ‘ I know that I know nothing ’, which I try to keep in mind when managing a team ’ s tasks or mentoring colleagues . The quote implies that I need to stay curious , should learn every day and to trust my team , their knowledge and ability to overcome limits . In a team , it gives room for saying ‘ I don ’ t know but will figure it out ’. With that , the team evolves continuously without the fear of making mistakes . It ’ s about knowing that limits exist and knowing that you can find ways to go beyond .
What do you think emerged as the technology trend of 2022 and why ?
If it is one technology in digital security to name for 2022 , it would be Zero Trust with all the areas it touches . If about the trend behind it , with that technology being a major milestone , it is cyber-resilience . The last few years have made it clear that the need to be safe and secure with everything digital we have – the data we own or create , our identities and the devices we use , our infrastructure – is simply fundamental .
Using Zero Trust-enabled technology to protect data , identity and systems , be it via Multi-Factor
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