Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 63 | Page 51

COUNTRY FOCUS : GERMANY ectric mobility

(‘ TFEU ’), which enables Member States to support the development of certain economic activities subject to certain conditions , and the Guidelines on State aid for climate , environmental protection and energy 2022 (‘ CEEAG ’).
The Commission found that :
• The scheme is necessary and appropriate to allow for the deployment of HPC recharging infrastructure at a large scale ;
• The measure has an ‘ incentive effect ’ as the beneficiaries would not carry out the relevant investments without the public support ; and
• Germany put in place sufficient safeguards to ensure that the scheme has a limited impact on competition and trade within the EU . The scheme is open to all companies operating in the sector and the beneficiaries will be selected following an open , transparent and non-discriminatory bidding process . In addition , the German authorities will ensure that the prices charged are in line with those charged by comparable existing infrastructure .
On this basis , the Commission approved the German measure under EU State aid rules .
The 2022 CEEAG provide guidance on how the Commission will assess the compatibility of aid measures for environmental protection , including climate protection and energy which are subject to the notification requirement under Article 107 ( 3 )( c ) TFEU .
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