Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 61 | Page 53

COUNTRY FOCUS : UK advice for those providers who are on the journey from telco to ‘ techco ’.
• Empower more internal development that can be quickly tailored and adapted
• Increase software development and DevSecOps skills , driving both tech and cultural change
• Focus on automated , zero-touch deployments of short-lived immutable instances that are auditable at source
• Change investment strategy to drive innovation and continuous improvement
• Iterate quickly to develop a business-specific pipeline that delivers new functionality quickly
As if this was not challenging enough , the regulations require that all this data be held securely for at least 13 months . For large , complex telecommunication systems , that is going to be a LOT of data and likely to impose significant cost to providers , particularly if they wish to take advantage of that treasure trove for data mining or Machine Learning .
It ’ s clear that the UK is racing to secure critical national infrastructure . It ’ s not alone , given similar increases in cyber defences in different territories and across other industries , such as finance , energy , transport and health .
Unsurprisingly , monitoring and audit capabilities feature heavily throughout the act – ensuring providers take measures to monitor and analyse security critical functions .
Engineers need dashboards and intelligent alerting to bring key metrics to their attention , with the ability to then dive down into the deepest , darkest corners of the estate .
Traditional approaches to how telco providers provision , manage and secure their platforms are no longer adequate . Providers must escape the telco echo-chamber , seek knowledge and guidance from organisations with proven experience of cloudnative app modernisation to bring radical business , technological and cultural change .
The cost of failure is now simply too high . p
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