Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 61 | Page 43

Integrated implementation of TBM
Some TBM-related data models have been known to fail due to the high complexity of their implementation process . Rigid data models are not adaptive enough to allow for adjustments to the data that have often grown historically and can only be changed gradually . However , since organisations and business models are individual and , consequently , the requirements for the decision-making levels are unique , an approach is needed that implements an individualised viewing and reporting level . Flexibility must not be restricted in favour of standardisation at business level , no matter how well-intentioned .
Software solutions with a more flexible cost model such as the Digital Value Model ( DVM ), start with the status quo in a company and use a combination of the ITFM methods and TBM taxonomy to meet all individual requirements . This cost model or data structure enables real added value without the compulsory use of a unified model . In this way , the best possible success can be guaranteed for each individual company .
Sam Wilson , UK Country Manager at Serviceware
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