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NWO . ai , a leading predictive AI platform that helps prominent enterprises anticipate major changes in micro-trends , has announced its partnership with The Centre for Strategic Communication and Information Security within the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine . This new partnership which marks NWO . ai ’ s expansion into the government and national security sectors , is being coordinated in conjunction with technologist and national security experts , OODA , and is intended to support Ukraine in its efforts to maintain independence .


D-Wave Quantum , a leader in Quantum Computing systems , software and services , and uptownBasel , a Swiss-based competence centre for Industry 4.0 , has announced an agreement that brings D-Wave ’ s quantum annealing technology solutions to the uptownBasel Infinity Center of Competence for Quantum and AI . Designed to accelerate Quantum Computing understanding and adoption , the centre provides organisations with quantum skills enablement and access to a variety of Quantum Computing systems and renowned industry expertise to help them harness the power of the technology to solve computationally complex business and societal problems .


Cognizant has opened its Delivery Centre in Leeds to strengthen its services for clients after seeing rising demand from businesses across the public sector and health industry . The move further cements Cognizant ’ s commitment to supporting young tech talent and aligning with the UK ’ s Levelling-Up and North Shoring strategy . Cognizant first announced its intention to create more than 1,000 new jobs in Leeds over the next five years in September 2021 , including at least 200 entry-level positions through its graduate and apprenticeship intake .


Amadeus and Finnair are collaborating to take a significant step forward in the transformation of airline retailing , with an IT agreement to deliver simplicity , flexibility and exceptional endto-end experiences to travellers . Within the agreement , which is one of the first of its kind in the industry , Amadeus and Finnair will collaborate to build the next-generation airline retail offering , bringing personalisation and real-time insights through the adoption of offers and orders . The deal expands on the existing capabilities between the two companies and will cover a transition to offer and order management .
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