Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 61 | Page 31

INFOGRAPHIC attribute social networking or social media sites as a top email subject category .
“ As phishing emails evolve and become more sophisticated , it is imperative that organisations prioritise security awareness training for all employees , now more than ever ,” said Stu Sjouwerman , CEO , KnowBe4 . “ Phishing emails that disguise themselves as internal communications are especially concerning since they are sure to grab the attention of users and typically incite action . New-school security awareness training for employees helps combat phishing and malicious emails by educating users on what to look out for – it is the key to creating a healthy level of scepticism to
Q3 ’ s phishing test results reveal that 40 % of email subjects are HR-related , creating a sense of urgency in users to act quickly , sometimes before thinking logically and taking the time to question the email ’ s legitimacy .
better protect an organisation and build a stronger security culture .” p
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