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Clariness selects Lacework to future-proof cloud security

Lacework , the data-driven cloud security company , has announced it has been selected by Clariness , a leader in patient recruitment for clinical trials , to help future-proof security across the company ’ s cloud environments and embed a shift-left security mindset .

Clariness is constantly striving to bring new medicines and treatments by connecting patients to clinical trials across the world . To accelerate the innovation process , it operates almost entirely in the cloud , with its infrastructure on AWS . The company is in the process of moving its platforms from Kubernetes to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service ( EKS ).
In 2021 , Clariness set out to enable its teams to work in a secure , cross-functional way . A big part of the transformation involved using scalable and intelligent solutions to augment human ability , as well as giving every employee an element of security ownership .
Clariness also wanted a tool that could help streamline its compliance processes and build its teams ’ ability to act on security alerts .
To help , Clariness chose to partner with Lacework , initially conducting an assessment which provided actionable insight into its cloud security posture . This allowed teams to benchmark and track progress against goals as it adopted best practices for compliance audits , including CIS Benchmarks and ISO 27001 .
Using the findings from the assessment , Clariness was also able to make key security enhancements , including consolidating its tools and moving to Lacework for dynamic application testing , fixing vulnerabilities and reducing its response to incidents to less than four hours . In addition , it was able to successfully shift from DevOps to a DevSecOps discipline , implementing a streamlined process for effectively responding to security alerts .
“ Together with Lacework we have been able to deepen our understanding of our cloud security posture , enabling us to make informed improvements to our operations and compliance processes ,” said Gopi Kirishnamurthy , VP Product and Engineering , Clariness . “ This transparency has also allowed us to democratise security , helping us to achieve a true mindset shift in a short space of time – a fundamental component of all successful transformation initiatives .”
“ By bringing our expertise in cloud security to Clariness , we have not only helped to enhance its security processes , but we have also enabled it to embed a culture of security across the organisation ,” said Jesper Frederiksen , General Manager of EMEA , Lacework . “ We look forward to continuing to work alongside the Clariness team , enabling it to innovate with speed and safety as it develops next-generation clinical trial solutions .” p
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