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PSIwms successfully implemented in new distribution centre of LPP Logistics

Here , PSIwms controls not only the flow of goods , but also warehouse automation and workforce scheduling . The integrated Warehouse Advanced Planning module enables efficient end-to-end management of all processes , including warehousing , quality control , palletising , buffering and various picking processes as well as packaging and shipping .

SI Polska Sp . z o . o . has successfully implemented the Warehouse Management System PSIwms 2022 including the Warehouse Advanced Planning module in the new distribution centre of LPP Logistics Sp . z o . o . in Brześć Kujawski . Accordingly , the Polish market leader for clothing operates another location with PSIwms .

From the new 75,000 square metre logistics centre in Brześć Kujawski , LPP Logistics , a company of the LPP Group , delivers up to 8 million garments and accessories per week . Up to 1,000 items can be processed simultaneously via two sorters with a modern unloading station . The facility also has a racking system with a capacity of 40 million garments and 67,000 pallets .
The software also handles direct deliveries from manufacturers and suppliers , as well as from the distribution centre in Pruszcz Gdański and the fulfilment centres for the e-commerce market . At these centres , orders are processed from the online stores of LPP Group brands in Poland , Romania and Slovakia .
The partnership between LPP and PSI Polska , which has existed since 2007 , will be further expanded through the successive rollout of PSIwms to support the dynamic expansion of the LPP network managed by LPP Logistics .

Sparkle and Neurosoft to connect Plastika Kritis factories worldwide

Sparkle , an international service provider in Italy , and Neurosoft , an Information Technology company specialising in cybersecurity and ICT solutions and services , have been chosen by Plastika Kritis , one of the leading European producers of master batches and agricultural films , to provide secure , low latency connections with their Enterprise Link service for all its factories and offices across Europe and Asia .

Sparkle and Neurosoft were selected among other operators for the security , flexibility and scalability of their Enterprise Link solution that leverages the Secure SD-WAN ( Software-Defined Wide Area Network ) technology . The two companies will provide a network infrastructure for all Plastika Kritis factories across Greece , Romania , Poland , Turkey , Russia , France and China .
Thanks to the new platform , employees will be able to securely access the company ’ s information system , regardless of their location and the connection they use , even on the move . In addition , the network will be complemented by other services to enable international communication among the different locations .
Enterprise Link is a business connectivity service aimed at multisite enterprises to help them simplify their network architecture and improve communication between their branches , head offices and data centres ( on-premises or in the cloud ).
Based on SD-WAN , the service operates regardless of the network currently being used ( MPLS or Broadband ) optimising WANs according to various business needs . With the use of application prioritisation , traffic break-outs , real-time link measurement and load-balancing , Enterprise Link brings connected users closer to their applications , wherever they are .
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