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CASE STUDY being generated . How we bring all this together and make sense of it for scientists is a challenge and this is where Dell is helping us .
Similarly , we need to establish end-to-end processes to support our science : from biological samples to knowledge and insights . The process usually starts with samples coming to the Institute , where we carry out much of the biochemical work and the sequencing to generate data , which we then try to make sense of . Being able to manage those pipelines at scale is a challenge .
Clapham : The data our sequencing teams provide is often the tip of the iceberg . With the availability of ever greater datasets , there are new opportunities for downstream research . This data explosion and Sanger ’ s onsite and worldwide collaborations , with projects such as the Tree of Life , means we need to engage closely with our scientific partners to ensure that we continue to deliver high-performance compute ( HPC ) solutions that our research teams need both now and in the future .
form a partnership . We need to work in partnership with a vendor so they can deliver not just the hardware that we need to perform today ’ s compute tasks , but to also help us stay abreast of the latest product developments and adaptations for the future . We need to ensure we are performing world-class at-scale scientific research and doing it better than anyone else in the world . We want to become a world leader in this field . As such , we need fellow world leaders like Dell Technologies to help us deliver in this rapidly changing data world in areas such as spatial informatics and other developing areas that are emerging from the scene .
How does Dell Technologies enable you to continually address some of the most difficult challenges in genomic research ?
McCafferty : One of the most difficult challenges within genomic research currently is data explosion . There are many new ways of extracting data about the world of genes and we ’ re also now doing much more in the way of imaging within cells , so that we can extract information such as the type of cell , what the cell is doing within the environment in which it lives , whether it ’ s growing , shrinking , or dying etc . Therefore , huge amounts of data are coming through in lots of different modalities . We must work out how to get value from all that data through analytics which is an even bigger challenge . The Sanger Institute is geared up for doing science at scale , so there are huge amounts of data
Rawcliffe : The partnership with the Sanger Institute is more of an ecosystem . While we design specific platforms and infrastructures with genomics in mind , ultimately we ’ re not the experts in the field of genomics so we need the input from partners like the Sanger Institute to help inform our product development and ensure it keeps pace with market requirements .
Clapham : We have seen real value from working with Dell ’ s development teams behind the scenes and swapping knowledge on how to appropriately determine an effective way forward for the technology and for Sanger ’ s informatics developing requirements . It ’ s essential that we can work with our partners , engaging with them early to overcome barriers and assess the opportunities that we as a team see coming . Science is moving forward and changing at a rapid pace and we are generating huge amounts of data . We need to keep up with delivering value from it , including new discoveries that we can then translate into human health benefits .
Why did you decide to work with Dell on this occasion ?
Clapham : As part of our continued drive to get best value for the Institute , we perform regular requests for proposals from vendors . We look for the best fit technically for our needs at the time , how our benchmarks perform , what fits our infrastructure and power requirements , what the CO 2 footprint is going to be and so on . We also look at the value add in terms of management , maintenance , licensing and contracts , as well as adapting to and coping with unforeseen
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