Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 59 | Page 55


Unwrapping the potential for private 5G

We ’ re living in a connected society and people are constantly looking for new ways to stay up to date and ‘ always on ’ – with no interference . Jürgen Hatheier , International CTO at Ciena , explores the advantages of private 5G and believes that ‘ the promise of private 5G holds too much potential for the journey to Industry 4.0 to not be figured out ’.

There is almost nothing left in the physical world that we rely on for the day-today operation of a business that is not connected . Take a look around you now and most things you ’ ll see that you need for work , rest or play have some semblance of connectivity . Even sports apparel is now increasingly ‘ connected ’, with one apparel maker releasing connected jerseys that connect a basketball jersey via a near-field communication ( NFC ) chip to a smartphone to launch ‘ exclusive content ’.

If even our clothes are connected , imagine what the advent of Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and analytics – along with advances in devices and interfaces associated with robotics , sensors , drones , autonomous vehicles , wearables and batteries – are doing for everything else ? Customers now have a wealth of advanced , tailored product and service options to choose from , which means enterprises face a hyper-competitive environment with ongoing challenges to remain profitable and differentiated . High quality , value , innovation and personalisation are paramount for winning customer preference .
The same holds true for industry , particularly healthcare , manufacturing , transportation and utilities , which are investing heavily in the Internet of Things ( IoT ), automation and AI to improve business efficiency , operations safety , customer satisfaction , sustainability and , of course , profitability . You ’ ve heard the term Industry 4.0 , and these sectors are accelerating
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