Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 59 | Page 51

COUNTRY FOCUS : UK rdising UK business start acting

organisations do not offer digital skills upskilling . Of those employers that do prioritise upskilling , half ( 52 %) of employees believe their organisation only sees it as a worthwhile investment for obvious techfocused roles .
A widespread misunderstanding exists of what digital skills means
AND Digital found that over a quarter ( 27 %) of workers surveyed feel they lack sufficient digital skills for their current role .
A widespread misunderstanding of what digital skills actually means presents a further barrier to closing the gap . Over a third ( 35 %) of respondents believe it means the ability to fix IT issues . Similarly , almost half of respondents ( 47 %) believe digital skills means either the ability to code and programme , build a website or create mobile / computer applications . Skills such as constantly evolving the way they work to keep up with innovation ( 34 %) and being experimental in their role using digital tools ( 26 %) came further down the list .
“ Digital skills mean so much more than just technical skills ,” said Paramjit Uppal , Founder and CEO , AND Digital . “ It also includes professional skills , such as product and delivery management , and soft , human
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