Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 59 | Page 47

Why are so many businesses stuck in traditional communications and how is this discouraging customers ?
Recently , a global luggage and accessories brand told me : ‘ Innovation does not necessarily mean digital , it means innovative ways of reaching out to customers ’. I think a lot of this is misleading , with user experience ( UX ) often being confused for customer experience ( CX ), for example . Only now are we seeing businesses waking up to the importance of CX and Digital Transformation .
The pandemic gave digital approaches tremendous tailwind and encouraged businesses to adopt required transformations . However , multiple customer experience use cases are yet to be explored or made available for niche categories and industries and a lot of CXOs today still cater to CX costs . It is highly overestimated and there needs to be a paradigm shift in the way we approach communication .
Ultimately , not being ready to adapt to new technologies or practices will prevent businesses from establishing a greater presence and creating innovative experiences for today ’ s customers .
What are the challenges and shortcomings of businesses when it comes to their e-commerce CX approach ?
In May 2020 , a survey by Qualtrics Institute revealed that 94 % of US consumers are extremely likely to buy from businesses that offer a good customer experience . Insufficient or flawed customer data / insights can prevent businesses from achieving a good CX strategy . A lot of sourced data is unstructured and businesses need to know that this is not unused Dark Data . Enterprises need clear insights into what customers want and the obstacles they face .
Businesses in the retail sector need to create a unified platform that offers a holistic mood customer experience across all touchpoints , eliminating the concept of individual customer channels . This change will translate into immediate results for these businesses and in turn , provide a significant long-term impact on the ROI .
How have consumer needs evolved in recent years ?
Purchase decisions are no longer based on product availability , efficiency and pricing – it now depends on the availability or the experience the brands offer . Being omnichannel emphasises delivering that experience , fulfilling the customer demand at all touchpoints and offering functionality across different channels .
Only now are we seeing businesses waking up to the importance of CX and Digital Transformation .
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