Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 59 | Page 43

FEATURE : SUSTAINABILITY that they are financially as well as environmentally sustainable . Its new service , Ocean Cloud , has been designed with this in mind , providing customers dedicated servers and a flat-fee approach to financing .
Having a dedicated server within a data centre means that spikes in demand from other tenants has no effect at all on yours , avoiding the ‘ noisy neighbour ’ problem associated with the multi-tenant model favoured by many large operators . This makes the performance of the server more reliable and energy efficient .
Ocean Cloud also solves one of the other major problems with other cloud services , overspend , through its flat-fee approach . Customers are charged a fixed fee that covers the dedicated server and associated storage , as well as hosting and remote support of the hardware infrastructure to reduce maintenance overheads .
“ We are very proud of Ocean Cloud , as it allows us to offer clients a service that is not only better for the ocean , the planet and for our local communities than other hosted services , but also brings clear operational
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