Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 57 | Page 28

TRENDING trust and opportunities for innovation . Over half ( 60 %) of organisations believe that cloud sovereignty will facilitate sharing data with trusted ecosystem partners and 42 % of surveyed executives believe that a trusted interoperable cloud service can help them to scale new technologies such as 5G , Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and the Internet of Things ( IoT ). part of their cloud strategy or planning to include it in the next 12 months . They are slightly more driven by complying with regulations ( 76 % versus 70 % for private organisations ) and ensuring immunity from extraterritorial data access ( 69 % versus 64 %). However , they are also expecting more data-related benefits from sovereign cloud than private organisations .
Fostering collaboration and datasharing ecosystems
The report also indicates that , while meeting highest regulatory concerns and data security requirements , organisations are looking at cloud sovereignty to unlock the benefits of the cloud for them , including better collaboration , increased data sharing , greater
“ In our current environment , the sovereignty of one ’ s supply chain and IT has become truly strategic ,” said Marc Reinhardt , Head of Public Sector at Capgemini . “ For those organisations currently still reluctant to leverage the obvious benefits of the cloud , sovereignty is a way to get there . As a result , it is gaining importance across sectors and regions , to enable organisations to control and protect their data to an even greater extent – for the public sector , with emphasis on trust , transparency , choice , portability . And it is not a surprise that government and public sector bodies are among the leaders in pursuing or considering a sovereign cloud in their organisations .
“ In designing their cloud strategies , organisations should not just focus on compliance requirements , but also have a true ‘ enterprise view ’ of their data . In so doing , they will fully reap the benefits from sovereign cloud , including trust , collaboration and innovation for even the most sensitive of data areas , and build a competitive advantage or better service for their constituents .” p
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