Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 56 | Page 84


Ensuring adoption for a successful Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for Digital Transformation initiatives – something which remain a key priority today . Gareth Hutchins , Director , Solution Architecture – Europe and North America , OpenText , discusses the key ways to ensure your people are on board to gain full business value from your Digital Transformation journey .

The demands put on businesses by the global health crisis – remote working in particular – meant many organisations were forced to accelerate their Digital Transformation initiatives . Today , as we emerge from the worst effects of the pandemic , Digital Transformation remains a top priority for 96 % of business leaders . Three-quarters of organisations , however , report facing barriers to the success of their transformation efforts .

Realising the full business value of Digital Transformation is much more than just successfully implementing new technology and migrating a company ’ s data and workflows . The most important thing is to ensure all your people are on board , otherwise there ’ s little chance your new technology will be adopted and implemented .
There are four key ways in which this can be achieved :
1 . Focus on people ; understand their needs and ways of working
The most important thing a business can do to encourage the adoption of new technology is to focus on the needs of the people that are going to use it . Technical goals matter , of course , but you should make it a priority to ensure that everyone in the business understands the value of the new technology and that they know how to use it .
Enablement alone isn ’ t necessarily enough to ensure strong adoption . Ensuring widespread and successful utilisation also depends on being able to bridge the
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