Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 56 | Page 21



With 18 + years ’ of public sector experience Massimiliano Claps , Research Director , IDC European Government Insights , shares his expertise and provides insight about the security issues confronting governments and cities today .

The state of cybersecurity in governments and smart cities today
Over the last 25 years , since IDC has been tracking the use of technology in the public sector at both the central government level and city level , there ’ s been an important evolution . As little as 20 years ago , the strategic direction was to get services and information online . This included very basic offerings such as downloadable forms . It ’ s been a long journey to where we are now with public sector offerings that include interactive services on multiple channels , and mobile apps , and using social media to increase public awareness about available services and programs .
At the city level , when we started researching the public sector , terms like smart cities didn ’ t even exist and local and regional government were busy with the legacy systems that they had , dealing with building permits , business licensing and code enforcement . And then cities evolved to where digital became more pervasive and technology is now used in operational processes and integral to transportation , infrastructure maintenance , and environmental monitoring . The expanded role of digital at both the central government and city levels has blurred the line of protecting these digital assets . p
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