Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 49 - Page 45

FEATURE : 2022 TECHNOLOGY FORECAST languishing . Delivering superior customer experiences hinges on Digital Transformation solutions that allow providers to harness data effectively – no matter its type or origin .
“ Essentially , this all comes down to how providers transform core processes , which cannot be done piecemeal . It requires an encompassing strategy that joins the dots between data , back-office processes , customer service and employee expectations too . They are all intertwined .”
While remote working during the pandemic hindered Digital Transformation initiatives for nearly 40 % in the sector , a quarter reported that it had no effect on their ability to deliver their Digital Transformation priorities .
“ It ’ s fair to say that the pandemic has resulted in a marked shift in priorities ,” said Harrold .
Gary Harrold , CEO of Swiss Post Solutions , UK & Ireland ,
New working models demand employee expectations are met
The shift to remote and hybrid working models as a result of the pandemic is set to leave a lasting legacy . Support for remote and hybrid working models will remain a priority for leaders over the next 12 months . Four in 10 report this sits within their top three priorities , including answering a need for remote access to data ( 49 %), with a third saying this shift is hindered by a lack of processes for remote service delivery .
“ Ensuring employees can work remotely is as much about delivering great customer service as it is meeting employee expectations at a time when many are reassessing how and who they work for .
“ Successful transformation relies on digitising backoffice processes and implementing systems that deliver information quickly , securely , in digital formats that are easily accessible and easily analysed . Holistic transformation of the back-office delivers on all fronts , to customers and employees alike .” p
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