Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 47 - Page 52

participate to the hub effort , jointly helping to drive their country ’ s future , and that of Europe by collaborating with all other hubs across regions .
Dariusz Śpiewak , Coordinator of the Polish Gaia-X hub , said : “ It is rather evident why cloud service providers in EU countries , infrastructure operators providing services and data transmission – the founding members of Gaia-X – decided to work together on this project .
“ Of great importance are events that are related to data security , both from a sharing and collection perspective . For countries , they are treated as ‘ new oil ’ – and rather important to grow new technologies .
“ Hubs are being created across the European Union to accelerate the creation of data spaces , jointly
Old city centre , Krakow promote the principles of data sharing and create the necessary conditions to bridge the demand and offer between users and providers of technology .
“ They also represent the Gaia-X ambassadors across territories , tasked to expand the diffusion and penetration of our joint initiative to reduce dependency from technologies that are not necessarily adhering to the European jurisdiction or the European principles .”
“ Locating the hub in the country is a great opportunity for Polish business , science and administration to gain a valuable voice on the development of the European data economy . It is also another step towards building our country ’ s positioning in the digital sphere ,” said
Michał Kanownik , President of the Digital Poland Association . “ Companies operating in Poland involved in cloud technologies and using these solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Things will have a chance to create an ecosystem for their activity , share experiences , build standards for the region and the whole of Europe , but also establish business relations and join ambitious international projects . All this will present a huge benefit for the Polish digital industry and modern technologies .”
The activity of hubs is also important given issues related to AI , IoT , 5G , Edge Computing and other services based on the data collection and transmission , which apply to the hybrid cloud , thus
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