Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 30 | Page 54

TRENDING ///////////////////////// report also draws attention to the muchanticipated impact of Quantum Computing. The report reveals that within the next five years, 72% of organisations believe Quantum Computing power will affect their data security operations. Not all industries are embracing DX at the same rate The 2020 Thales Data Threat Report also explores how government, financial services, healthcare and retail sectors embrace Digital Transformation and associated security measures in varying degrees. Globally, government and federal entities are leading the way in Digital Transformation. Globally, 52% of government respondents have experienced a data breach or failed compliance audit this year. Key takeaways for improving data security “ AS ORGANISA FACE EXPA AND MORE COMPLEX CYBERSEC CHALLENG . . . THEY N SMARTER BETTER W APPROAC PROTECTI Data security is challenging, but across Big Data, IoT and containers, encryption is a key driver for adoption and usage. Based on this year’s findings, security professionals should: • Invest in modern, hybrid and multi-cloudbased data security tools that make the shared responsibility model work • Consider a Zero Trust model to secure data • Increase focus on data discovery solutions and centralisation of key management to strengthen data security • Focus on the threat vectors within their control • Utilise encryption to remain vigilant against today’s data risk reality “As organisations face expanding and more complex cybersecurity challenges because of multi-cloud adoption and Digital Transformation, they need smarter and better ways to approach data protection,” said Frank Dickson, Program Vice President, Cybersecurity Products, IDC. “Zero Trust is a fantastic initiative to authenticate and validate the users and devices accessing applications and networks but does little to protect sensitive data should those measures fail. Employing robust data discovery, hardening, data loss prevention and encryption solutions 28 INTELLIGENTCIO