Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 30 | Page 27

8x8 sign cloud n across UK , providing public ME customers -based and fullyions tools from 8x8 at and contact nables Virgin Media rapidly growing arket and provide clients with a single-platform solution. 8x8’s unique technology stack offers a host of rich features, without the challenges that on-premises equipment often presents, enabling staff to collaborate faster and work smarter wherever they are. The fully global communications platform supports enterprise-class API solutions and allows Virgin Media Business’ customers the ability to add new functionality with ease. By moving to cloud-based communications services, businesses will be able to reduce their capital expenditure and move towards a future-proof communications platform designed to scale with their business. Under the partnership, Virgin Media Business and 8x8 will work together to configure and roll-out integrated cloud services and provide 24/7 support for customers. ////////////////// ging dataset for The two previous datasets have been downloaded 5,000 times, and the new images and videos from the European dataset will be added to the growing library of available video and images to further speed up CNN training of thermal data. By incorporating the thermal dataset into automotive design and development, researchers and developers can develop more reliable systems due to the ability of thermal imaging to classify objectives.