Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 30 | Page 41

LATEST INTELLIGENCE ENSTACK PLATFORM TES COMPUTING SS THE EDGE HE ss and ting helps . It rapidly day’s gain e often ditional power security, ese r physical ntaining cy with AT ines roductione lp organizations build an edge computing architecture with distributed compute nodes, placing compute power closer to the data source and providing consistent, centralized management from the core to the edge. BENEFITS OF DISTRIBUTED COMPUTE NODES Built on a highly scalable and flexible OpenStack foundation, distributed compute nodes architecture helps organizations across various industries – including telecommunications, transportation, healthcare, and retail – increase efficiency, gain insights faster, and provide enhanced customer offerings that create differentiation. With distributed compute nodes underpinning deployment of computing resources at the edge, organizations can: • Scale and distribute their architecture while minimizing operational complexity by centrally managing edge deployments with the same tools used to manage the core OpenStack deployment – ideal for remote sites with limited IT staff. • INTELLIGENTCIO 21