Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 30 | Page 29

NEWS ol City Council s essential services erable citizens with s Community Helper uncil has ivica’s Community d solution to help support to citizens isolating as a result of is. ght in Community its COVID-19 cludes delivery of arcels, prescriptions support to vulnerable is now used to enquiries as well as nteer and partner he Merseyside Fire ssisting with deliveries ic. iving a large number y, with more than 900 enquiries for support during just one week in April. Prior to implementing Community Helper, the council was using up to 15 separate spreadsheets to coordinate incoming requests and manage the service. The new Civica system has automated all processes, making it easier to coordinate requests, remove errors and speed up delivery of key services for citizens. Building on the iCasework cloud platform, which is already used by more than 50 councils in the UK, as well as a number of central government departments, Community Helper allows councils to coordinate support to their most vulnerable residents during the current pandemic. INTELLIGENTCIO 15