Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 30 | Page 22

NEWS Almost three-quarters o UK consumers say curre online experience from b will change future spend post-lockdown UK consumer behaviour is being reshaped by the current COVID-19 crisis, with 27% of people saying they’ll do more activities digitally long-term. Yet, despite the opportunity for brands to increase digital revenues, 59% of consumers are not happy with the level of personalisation and reassurance delivered online by most companies, according to a new consumer study. The research, commissioned by AIpowered personalisation platform, Kameleoon, and leading experimentation agency,, found that nearly three-quarters (73%) of the 1,000 consumers surveyed said the current digital experience would change who they bought from and their future spending. Those brands that do provide a personalised experience now will benefit long-term – 50% said they’d spend less (or switch completely) fr hadn’t delivered during Time currently spent on range of activities has g led by watching/listenin entertainment (a 51% reading the media (46% crisis is changing other said they’d increased th accessing medical cons and 31% were learning through digital courses. However, many brands a their needs – 76% of re that not all companies w effort to customise the o That’s despite the fact t online personalisation a 83% want to receive pe from brands. 12 INTELLIGENTCIO